7 March 2021

Kundali Bhagya Full Episode Today|| Kundali Bhagya 23 February Full Episode||

Shrishti asks Preeta to not worry and if she is absolutely that uncomfortable then she would return to her so there would nothing to fret regarding as she would teach him a lesson, Preeta explains however she very desires that Shristhi return to her but once she would depart the house then Sarla would be disquieted and he or she shouldn’t worry as she is that the girl of the brave mother and additionally encompasses a husband along with her thus nothing would happen, Preeta clams down explaining however she is additionally not disquieted as a result of she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable due to that wicked man,

Kundali Bhagya Full Episode Today.

Shristhi additionally feels calm then advises Preeta to drink some fruit drink. Preeta ends the decision then she sits down on the bed wherever she starts hearing the drums beating thus she picks up the stumbs of Karan and is close to hit the person at the door as a result of she thinks that it’s Prithvi but once she opens it Karan is standing there with roses, he gets dismayed to envision her but then Preeta hugs him, Karan asks what’s the matter as a result of she was close to hit him and now’s snuggling him, he asks what’s the matter as he feels that it’s her new year’s resolution then explains however they ought to 1st go within the area as somebody may see them, he asks why was she not attending his calls WHOle|the complete} day and who was she rebuke, Preeta responds during a worrying voice taking the name of Prithvi. Shristhi is absolutely finite, Janki advises her to not worry as she would be ready to celebrate her Valentine,

Kundali Bhagya Full Episode Today.

Shristhi mentions however it’s not that however Preeta is absolutely disquieted of what is going on, Janki asks once did she speak along with her and upon realizing it’s recent exclaims however she knew that the Luthra’s wouldn’t treat her well, so that they should bring her back, Shrishti stopping her mentions however there’s nothing of the type which Prithvi has once more started teasing her, Janki then sees Sameer imminent the door with the flowers thus mentions however Shrishti may be a cheat and was simply creating up a story to go away the house, as she wished to satisfy her lover, Shristhi asks United Nations agency is she talking regarding and asks United Nations agency is it, Janki asks her to show back, Sameer then sits down asking if she would be his Valentines. Karan mentions however if it absolutely was a joke then he’s not happy,

Preeta mentions however she isn’t jocose and he very was line of work her once she thought that it absolutely was really him, Karan sitting along with her pleads however she ought to solely have faith in him as he has dressed up for her and even brought the flower speech however they ought to exit for dinner, Preeta once more tries cleansing her ears when hearing the drums beating, karan asks what is going on, She responds however she has been irritated thus feels that somebody is absolutely beating the drums, Karan says however he’s additionally hearing the sound so that they ought to check, Preeta stops him and that they finally leave holding one another hands. Shrishti exclaims however she might need aforementioned it and he’s mistaken that she would be his Valentine, Sameer additionally standing says however he really brought the flowers for Janki and he or she once takes them from him, Janki asks Sameer to take a seat explaining however the love is flourishing once there’s acceptance as she additionally admired somebody, Shristhi asks United Nations agency she admired and that they each square measure dismayed to listen to the name of Amitabh Bachan, she explains however everybody is aware of what he ahs aforementioned,

she then asks if she ought to prepare some tea for him before going into the room, Shristhi additionally leaves once Sameer is disquieted regarding why did he raise Janki to be his Valentine. Everyone within the Luthra home is finite to listen to the beating of the drums once Rakhi additionally says however she feels that it’s some close, the drummers enter the house thus Karina queries United Nations agency {they square measure|they’re} and why are they coming back within that is once they stop, they once more begin beating the drums when they’re ordered, the Luthra’s square measure dismayed to envision Prithvi coming back within the house, Karan goes downstairs in anger and tries to hit Prithvi once he threatens speech however Karan ought to solely shower flowers as a result of he’s additionally a member of the Luthra family as a result of he’s married to his sister, Pritvhi then asks her to return within, everyone seems to be dismayed to envision Kritika coming back dressed as a married person and he or she involves stand beside Prithvi, Shristhi coming back to the room asks why is she acting otherwise, Janki mentions speech however she is that the same but feels she is jealous,

Shristhi explains however it’s not the case, Janki then says however she is alert to the actual fact what proportion Sameer loves her and this is often why he has brought the flowers for her but she started blaming him, she explains however Shristhi ought to speak with politeness with him, Shristhi then hugs her however is dismayed to seek out Sameer standing behind her that is once she asks him to attend as they’re getting ready the tea. Sameer is sitting outside once Janki comes asking him to grant the flowers for whom he brought them. Shristhi then comes with the tea and Janki leaves within the space and once he’s close to raise her to be his Valentine, Sarla comes back line of work Shristhi then forthwith says however he has brought the flowers for Janki, she then taking them explains however Sarla is thinking that he came to propose Shristhi but this is often very a joke, then each Shristhi and Sameer leave the house. Prithvi exclaims however they need been married, he sends the drummers away that is once he’s disquieted asking why square measure they thus quiet, they each then visit Karina and taking her blessings he queries what ought to he decision her as mother or mother in law, Sherlin isn’t ready to bear it thus asks Kritika to mention that it’s all simply AN act, Karan mentions however he would show him and is close to throw Prithvi out of the house once Kritika stops Karan

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